Yes. It is free to create a guitar instructor profile as well as to search and contact a guitar instructor.

While we cannot guarantee the individual safety of anyone, since we can’t personally be there during every encounter,  we do suggest you plan to have your classes in local places, like local guitar shops, libraries, community centers and other places that allow people to meet. Generally these locations are available for public use for free or a minimal cost.

The other option we suggest is to do guitar instructions via Skype. Many people have had tremendous success using Skype to learn guitar and were able to find a guitar instructor they would not have otherwise been able to train with.  

Payments are handled directly between instructors and students. We are not an intermediary between parties for anything other than the initial search. We suggest paying with a service like Paypal or an online escrow service to protect both instructors and students. 

We understand trying to stand out from other instructors will be the goal of most people, so we suggest two things:

  1. Create an eye-catching profile using all of the keywords that describe the things you can teach.
  2. Submit articles and training videos to us for posting in our blog. We will make sure you are listed as the author, giving you instant credibility as someone who is an expert in what they are teaching.

You can send us your training video or article by going to our Contact page and attaching the information there.