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8 Things Every Beginner Should Know Before Learning Guitar

If you are already determined to take up guitar lessons and stuck at where to start from, then today’s blog is for you, where am going to talk of things that you need to start learning on your own, even before your local guitar instructor in US points out to you. The first few months […]

Online vs. Private Guitar Lessons – Which One is Better for Beginners?

Once you have made up your mind and brought yourself a guitar, the immediate plan is to get going to play like a pro and the internet appears to be a great source of knowledge and you think that with internet at your disposal why you need to find local guitar instructors. But Internet lacks […]

6 Tips For Acoustic Guitar Beginners

To begin is half the work done. But, more often I would say, to be able to traverse the remaining half, beginning correctly is half the work done! Because most people owing to wrong beginnings eventually get frustrated never to pick up their guitars again. Let this not be you and hence to find a […]